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Franklin University is a private, non-profit university in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded in 1902 to serve the needs of adult students. The university has over twenty-five locations in the Midwest as well as a large selection of online courses. Franklin University has a history of serving adult students that spans more than a hundred years. It was founded in 1902 at the Columbus YMCA, under its sponsorship as the YMCA School of Commerce. It would change its name to Franklin University in 1933, and would amicably discontinue its formal affiliation with the YMCA in 1964.

The university also operates a coaching program that allows undergraduate and graduate students to be mentored toward reaching academic, professional, and personal goals under the guidance of professionals whom the university has appointed as coaches. Coaches are not university staff but are professionals working in the industry. Each coach has a one-to-one relationship with a Franklin University student and provides monthly mentoring and guidance to that student.

Online tutoring for Franklin University

Franklin-University-LogoUniversity provides online tutoring, teaching can be done without face interaction in a compatible way. While talking about the features and merit which connects teachers and students we can add.

  • Video link – It comprises video through which learning becomes more instant and reliable
  • Audio link  -It comprises Audio voice in which students are made to understand a particular topic.
  • Text chat – Here one can ask their personal questions regarding Their studies. It gives a platform

where one can express themselves firmly and have a fair communication. Some of the services also provide Document sharing, upload, and Download, screen sharing and recording, Synchronized document sharing. There are many attributes as in:

  • Lesson quality control and accountability in which Lessons can be recorded or monitored unobtrusively
  • Lesson asymmetry in which Experience of tutor and student during the lesson can largely be shared.
  • Ease of lesson scheduling, planning and execution in a No traveling required, resources available privately to tutor during lessons.
  • Safety concerns in which No physical contact, the lesson can be monitored unobtrusively and halted immediately.

Assignment and helpers: the way they can easily help you to excel in studies

the university has proficient and specialized mentors to help students with any educational assignment writing topic that students can need assistance in. University has certified and well-versed specialists for you whether your academic discipline is complicated or simple. Few of the academic discipline in which university offer assistance are mass communication, science, management, fashion studies, marketing, IT, finance, engineering, hospitality, arts, Law, economics, geography. Students do not need to worry if your topic of discipline is not stated above. You need to get in contact with our expert and leave all the academic troubles for us. Our university offers you quality services that will be reasonably priced. It is a promise that you will not encounter such premium quality of academic help at such a reasonable cost anywhere else.


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