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The Academy of Art University is presently serving in the state of San Francisco and is widely popular for providing the Art education to the students. The University at present has about twelve thousand six hundred and eight students including eight thousand three hundred three who are pursuing their Undergraduate degree and Four thousand three hundred and five who are undergoing their post-graduate degree. The university simply works on the for-profit basis but leave no stone turned in providing excellent quality of education for the students. It simply works with the motto of “Built by artists for artists” and is completing its role towards creating newer generation artists. Also, every kind of artistic help is provided to the students of this university whether it be assignment help for Academy of Art University or any kind of the career guidance.

The history behind the Academy of Art University

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It is extremely important to visit the roots of any particular concept before talking regarding its present. That is why it is essential that we pay attention towards the history of the Academy of Art University rather than just jumping over to get the paid homework help for Academy of Art University. The university was founded back in the year 1929. The founder simply made it provide the education regarding the Advertising Arts and gave it the name as Academy of Advertising Arts. But as the time took its pace the University underwent a number of changes and gained its present form and name. The university at present is the largest private University in the United States that provides the education regarding the Art and design. Also, it is one of the largest properties in the city of San Francisco. There are more than one thousand one hundred and fifty-four artists working for this renowned institution in order to provide education to the budding artists and helping them design their own colorful paths.

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