UK Seeing Fewer University Applications

There has surely been a rise in the number of students moving abroad for further studies. But even after that, there has been a decline in the number of applications to the UK universities. The latest surveys show that there has been seen a fall of about eleven thousand applications since the past year. The main reason that is blamed for this decline is the less number of populations present of the people below the age of eighteen, who are actually meant to attend the university. The surveys were held by the UCAS, and after seeing the decline in the number of students they have requested the government of the United Kingdom to take some of the effective measures.

The measures requested to be taken are:

  • Looking for the most effective ways to increase the recruitment
  • To make some of the efforts in order to hold on to the older students
  • Creative methods should be used to offer funding as well as scholarships to the students

These methods were supposed to be motivating for the students to apply for the universities and to take their study forward.

What the UCAS has to say?

The Chief Executive of the UCAS Clare Marchant recently passed a statement. According to which the full-time degrees and the education that is offered by the UK universities still are capable of attracting a lot of students from all around the world. But the decline in the number of application is mainly for the fall applications that too especially for the nursing course. That is why special attention was demanded to be given towards that particular field. Also, he told that review regarding the education of students who were older than the age of eighteen years might be required. Also, he demanded to pay attention towards the needs of the mature students. It will give them a chance to get their problem resolved and also to help them with the development of their own potential. This will anyhow help them out with pursuing their further studies, no matter which field they choose to go in.

After breaking down from the European Union

It is also said that one of the main reasons for the decline in the number of admission in the United Kingdom is because of its separation from the European Union. As per the recent news, the Academics of the European Union is already pulling out of the Universities present In the United Kingdom. Even the Oxford University had to face this downfall and underwent a landmark trial of about One million.

The funding of the UK Universities researchers was firstly done with the help of the European Union. But after the extraction of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the question of funding remains unanswered. Reassurances about the whole funding procedure are still being provided. BUT it is hard to clearly say anything about the future funding of the university. Also, it has been found out by the inquiries and the written evidence that the students from the European Union are hesitant to apply for the admission in the United Kingdom Universities. This has anyhow affected the total number of university applications in the United Kingdom in an adverse manner. This loss can really cause a huge amount to the economy of the United Kingdom. The amount is approximately said to be six hundred ninety million pounds per year.

The nursing students

After being asked about the downfall in the number of nursing students the NUS vice president said that this decline surely is alarming for all of us but it is not surprising at all.  The nursing students most likely are found to be mature students that to women in most of the cased. They are meant to take all the caring responsibilities. But the nursing students are not at all allowed to go for any kind of the paid work. They only have to go for the mandatory placements that take place all around the year. The government with this procedure is surely gambling with the lives of the nursing students and with the decline in the admission applications they are also facing the workforce crisis. This by no doubt is to put the future of NHS in doubt.


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