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Online learning is surely not the method that everyone uses, but this can really help you out to excel in your academics. These can help you out to do wonders for your career and score well in your exams. Also, the other benefit you get by using this learning method is the portable and convenient learning. You can easily get to study at any possible time and at any location. There are a huge number of websites present that can easily help you out with the online study material. While some of these websites specialize in some particular categories, others provide help with all the subjects. We have listed down some of the top websites in each of the categories that you can easily use to get some academic assistance.

Arts and Music

There are really not a huge number of sources that can provide you the study material related to arts and music. But here we have listed some of the study material providers that can help you out in this regard.

  • Dave Conservatoire: this is one of the top-most online music schools that offer the music education for everyone that too without any cost. They provide study material in the form of practice tests and video lessons to the students in order to help them out.
  • Drawspace: If you really are into art and want to learn new techniques they can really help you out. They offer both paid as well as free courses and are meant to teach you each and every detail regarding drawing. They surely offer you the instructor-led lessons that are interactive as well.
  • Justin Guitar: this website offers you the online study material in the form of 800 free guitar lessons. These lessons cover minor details of the guitar and try to teach them in the most interactive of methods.

Engineering, Mathematics and Data Science

  • Codecademy: this website is known to offer you study material related to the software programming and data science. The courses offered are according to the different age groups.
  • Big Data University: this website is known to provide you help with the big data analysis. They also offer you the required help with the data science courses. Both paid as well as free courses are offered that are monitored by the expert professional teachers and experts.
  • Better Explained: This website provides a greater approach towards mathematics for the students. There are mostly visual explanations available for all the concepts. No matter if you want help regarding college level maths or school level all of them will be offered to you.

Web Design/ Development

  • HTML dog: This website specializes in providing you special courses for the Web development. The major topics covered are the JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. They precisely work towards enhancing your coding skills.
  • HOW Design University: This website offers you both paid as well as free courses related to the designing. They also provide the opportunities for the people who are interested in teaching.
  • SkillCrush: This website provides you professional courses both for web development as well as web designing. They provide lesson plans divided into units for better understanding. They use a number of valuable online study material that too free of any cost.

General – Adults and children

  • Udemy: This website simply provides paid tutorial videos. They cover a huge number of general topics. The topics mainly included in the tutorial videos are Language, Music, Health, Software, photography, lifestyle, Marketing, design as well as development.
  • E-learning for kids: this website provides you the school courses for the children between five to twelve years of age. They cover a huge number of topics in the tutorials that are offered. The main subjects covered are Life skills, language, environment, science, computer, science as well as maths. They cover the whole curriculum for all these subjects.
  • SchoolTube: This platform is for the people who share videos online. This is one of the top most study material provider website that we know of. All the students, as well as educators from k – 12, can easily get all the required study material over here. There are approximately over fifty thousand registered users on this platform. There are almost half a million videos present on this very platform.


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