cyber crime

Cybercrime is considered as the main problem of today’s era. The number of the victims of cybercrime is increasing by each passing day. This is very harmful to the victims and they also have to face a lot of complications due to this. When it comes to the types of cybercrime then a huge list comes forward, having a plethora of categories. In order to grab the information regarding the main types of cybercrime, you just need to read the following article.

Hit the computer system

This is the chief and most popular type of cybercrime. In this, criminals basically attack the computer system or also the other devices. In order to accomplish this task, they use a plenty of techniques and the name of these techniques are –

  • Denial of service attacks
  • Malware
  • Hacking or unauthorized access


This is another way of cybercrime, which is also known as the stalking. This can happen to anyone at any age or any time. Nasty online chat or gossip, sending rude emails and texts, posting some images, videos, and messages, which can hurt, are some of the examples of cyberbullying. Not only this, if you noticed the fake profiles online then this is also a sign of cyberbullying.

Online trading problems

Scammers targeting persons are involved in online trading problems. These are those people, who usually trade, sell or buy on the internet. It includes a lot of things and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Get benefits at the name of donation, when any natural calamity happens.
  • Attract the users by providing the free of cost goods by the subscription to phone premium services.
  • Give you information regarding the infection in computer and also request the users for remote access for fixing the issues.

Illegal content

There is some content, which is restricted to show under the rules and regulations of the country. This kind of material can be seen on several websites, which is also the part of cybercrime. Such illegal content can be distressing for the children. You are supposed to report whenever you see any prohibited online content to maintain internet safety.

Thus, you have collected the proper information related to the several types of cybercrime. So, you should always be careful about this and recognize the cybercrime by signs and protect yourself as soon as possible.


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